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I’m Mariette West, the mojito-loving relationship coach behind Reconnecting to Me, my signature program for women who want a love that lights them up and a life they’re excited about living.

My mission is to ensure that every woman has the tools, skills and insights she needs to never settle again.

Your vibrant life is waiting for you. If you’re ready to claim it, I’m here to help you make it happen.

What women are saying:

"Working with Mariette changed my life in an incredible way.

She gave me the gift of being able to look at things from a different perspective and embrace each moment. In her warm and safe way, she helped me peel back the layers and look inward, so I could move forward in my life and relationship in a positive way.”


"Mariette is a total professional, non-judgemental and had the patience to be present with me, no matter what came up.

I was able to trust the process of working with her, no matter how stuck I felt. Now, I have the tools I need to navigate my relationship with skill and truly see myself for who I am and who I can become.”


"Mariette knows when to challenge you and when to listen.

She provided a safe and trusting space for me to be myself, even when it was so hard. Rather than telling me what to do, she gave me the freedom, space, and guidance I needed to find those “aha moments” within myself — and now I have more trust and confidence in myself than ever.”


Stories, advice and tools for creating the loved-up life you deserve:

3 Things I’ve Learned about Relationships from having Multiple Sclerosis:

Being the victim of your situation does nothing to help you feel better about it. In relationships with others, just as in the relationship with your health, there are somethings you can control and others you can’t. Focus on what you can control…your thinking, your boundaries and how you show up with the people in…
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The Difference between Coaching and Counselling… in the words of a client

Having experienced both Coaching and Counselling~ while both are incredibly helpful and invaluable, I believe that Coaching has helped me navigate tough times and really helped me see that my healing and progress all starts with me. Coaching has helped me shift perspective and given me the courage and strength to trust that I will…
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