3 Things I’ve Learned about Relationships from having Multiple Sclerosis:

  1. Being the victim of your situation does nothing to help you feel better about it. In relationships with others, just as in the relationship with your health, there are somethings you can control and others you can’t. Focus on what you can control…your thinking, your boundaries and how you show up with the people in your life. Not only is it more empowering but it also lets you find your peace and the inspired action no matter what the situation is…I let myself feel sad about what I have had to let go, but only until the feeling has been felt. Then I remind myself what others have done with their own limitations and what is possible for me. Staying in the present moment really helps me to know all is well right here right now.
  2. Avoiding the person, feeling, situation won’t make it go away. Instead it tends to fester and often creates other problems to deal with. Get honest with yourself, step into your inner power, think about what you can do to accept what is. From this more neutral place you are more able to find solutions that are win / win. I learned the hard way that avoiding my body created more stress and more damage. Instead, by listening to it, accepting it, loving it, I was able to support it….Hello walking sticks 🙂
  3. When you focus on what isn’t working in your body, with your partner, with your money or in any other relationship you won’t be able to see and appreciate what is working. Your energy shifts from focusing on the negative and feeling angry, hopeless or sad rather than seeing things as an opportunity for growth and reconnection in the new reality. Luckily, it is your choice (and mine!) to decide what we focus on. Even though my mobility is compromised, I have no pain, can do work I love and can choose physical activities that work within my limits…Pilates <3.


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