Your Partner

The Struggle is Real and I’ve Been There Too.

I know that most women at times (especially in times of big life events – new children, children moving out, new careers, new countries, life changing health issues) struggle to feel connected with their partner. I GET IT.  So many people can’t figure out how to be with their partner when the ground beneath them…

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The Moment that changed our Marriage

I remember the day clearly. My children were toddlers, busy toddlers who were investigating, experimenting and, to put it as mildly as I can, demanding. I was exhausted and realized, not too far into my tired-grumpy-downward slide, that it was best if I just went for a nap.  My husband was home so it was perfect…

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Spotting Your Dive into Drama

Most of us rarely describe our relationships as drama-filled (well, at least not since we were teenage girls anyway). But what I have come to learn from looking closely at my relationships and those of my clients, is we often dive into drama in our relationships without even knowing it. So what do I mean…

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