How To Get Back On Track With Your Marriage Goals

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I’ve been thinking a lot about creating a change. If you are anything like me, you made a LOT of goals for how you are going to change your relationship and if you are like millions of other people, those goals aren’t quite accomplished yet. You might have even given up on  what you wanted.

I’m your relationship  coach and it is my goal (and my absolute pleasure) to help you focus on something that I know matters to you….your relationship.

You want a GREAT marriage so you can stop focusing on what’s not working and get back to enjoying it…without having to worry about it all falling apart or wasting another day being unhappy..

You want to avoid that panic of “nothing is changing!” whenever old fights surface.

I understand getting off track which is why I’d like to offer you some advice for getting on track and not letting 2019 go by with the same unhappy marriage you had months ago..

  1. Download the free Relationship Roadmap to find out what stage you are in the relationship journey. Click on the picture below:
  2. Watch the videos to get tips on the stage you are in. 
  3. Commit to one shift that is in your control.
  4. Invest time in noticing when you are triggered, what you do when triggered, and the result it has on your marriage.

Those are 4 actions you can take RIGHT NOW to start shifting the negative status quo of your relationship now.

What now? If you want more personalized help on your journey, I’m HERE for you. And… join my free Relationship Reconnection Facebook group to continue to get support and to connect with others.

In honour of getting back on track, I also have a special bonus for YOU. If you download the new Relationship Roadmap now, you can get free access to session #1 of 3 sessions to help you create a plan to moving out of the challenge in your relationship now. To get your free session, send me a message now to book the 3 sessions for $348.

Is this a bribe? Heck yes! Let’s call it a little positive reinforcement.

Consider it a MARRIAGE  JUMPSTART and the beginning of the NEXT LEVEL IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP.  If this is still a goal for you, no better time than now, right?

So if you want to wake up in a few months time with one less “struggle to fix” on your list, let’s do this.


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