The Difference between Coaching and Counselling… in the words of a client

Having experienced both Coaching and Counselling~ while both are incredibly helpful and invaluable, I believe that Coaching has helped me navigate tough times and really helped me see that my healing and progress all starts with me.

Coaching has helped me shift perspective and given me the courage and strength to trust that I will make the best choice for myself when faced with ‘fork in the road.’ How to dive deep inside and listen to that authentic wisdom that is within us and ready to help.

Coaching has taught me how to shift out of ‘story’ when it inevitably shows up and has given me ‘tools’ to use on my own in everyday life.

The self reflection piece that I walk away with after a coaching session feels like a ‘high!’ as it’s in that bubble of awareness where I feel most connected to me.

A Coaching session feels more interactive, intimate. Your Coach is like a fitness trainer, there to help you along but ensuring that you gain the confidence, wisdom and courage to know you can do it on your own… just checking back in along the way to tweak or revisit ‘blockages.’

Coaching has changed my life in an amazing way and I am forever grateful. 



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