The Inside Scoop on Relationship Struggles


Marriages often operate under a shroud of mystery. You don’t often get a lot of information about how to make a marriage work when there is conflict. We aren’t told that the romance we felt at the beginning of our relationship will change and that the 2nd (and necessary) stage of relationships is the Power Struggle Stage. This week I want to lift the veil and tell you 4 things to expect that nobody will tell you about your relationship journey .

I remember the first time I realized that marriages weren’t like what is portrayed in fairy tales and in hollywood “happily ever after” movies. The things I loved about my husband gradually started to irritate me and became the things that had me questioning why we got married in the first place. Until eventually, I found myself wondering if we were really the long-lasting couple I thought we were.

I don’t want that to happen to you. My goal? To educate you so that you know exactly what to do when the power struggle inevitably happens in relationships. This is the inside scoop that only the people who know, know but I think it’s only right that you know too.

  1. The Romance stage of the relationship – the part that comes with its own set of rose-coloured glasses – is STAGE 1 of 5 stages.  And it is so seductive and all-encompassing (welcome dopamine and other “feel-good” drugs)!
  2. The second stage of relationships is the Power Struggle. Many relationships don’t get past this stage and either end it or get stuck in conflict/drama and unhappiness.  Learning how to grow and shift personally and in your relationship is the key to getting past this stage.
  3. Taking radical responsibility for your role in your relationship is mandatory.  This does not mean you are to blame for marriage difficulties! It does mean your happiness must start with understanding … what you need, what gets in your way, what your thoughts & patterns are that keep you in conflict, drama, and disconnect. Th first thing I do when coaching clients is to help them uncover this because our go-to avoidance of ourselves is to focus on others.
  4. The things that made you fall in love with your husband are often the things that will later create conflict in your marriage.  This is normal! We are often attracted to others because they ignite something in us that we want more of in ourselves.  It is also the same things that are meant to create growth in ourselves and that we will really resist when they surface in the power struggle stage.

What does all this insider information tell us? Well, it means that marriages are a lot more complicated than we think they will be. They can be really hard to navigate without help. I’m not saying it’s impossible. People do it but the journey tends to be filled with a lot more conflict and unhappiness than it has to be. That’s why I created “3 Inner Shifts to Relationship Reconnection”. I know the pitfalls of trying to make a marriage work. I know the obstacles you’ll encounter on the way to a deeply connected and loving relationship. “3 Inner Shifts to Relationship Reconnection” is for unhappily married women who want to reconnect to their partner again, to get past the power struggle and to keep deepening their love throughout their relationship. It’s only $199 this week so email me here to book in your time.


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